What does it take to get off the gird?

We have a couple of example intallations for you to look at.
Please note, these are basic systems.

Grid Assisted/Off Grid Solar Systems

1.5kW Solar Kit

PV300W Solar Panels are 25 years expected life.

SGL2200 are batteries with 2500 cycle to 50% 'Depth Of Discharge'.


This system is ideal for:

Small Households, Small Businesses, Off Grid Setups.


This system is designed for:

Cost Effectiveness, Long life Span, High Quality

Device Item Qty
Inverter IR1512 1
Solar Charger PWM 60A/12V 2
Solar Panels PV300W 6
Solar Batteries SGL2200 (220Ah) 4
Solar Mounting 6 Panel Mount 1
Battery Stand 4x220AH Stand 1
Battery links BATTLINK 12V 4x220Ah 1
Solar Cable UVCABLE100m 2
  MC4 M/F 10
  MC4-Y 4
Contactor 10A AC3 Contactor 1
DC Disconnects PV Panel Disconnect 1
  Battery Disconnect 1
Battery Monitor Monitor 1
  Sensors 2
  Relay 1
Solar Labour Labour 1h 24
R81 299.00