Mecer Rackmount Range


Stock Code Model Batteries Rating Backup Time Price Excl. VAT
UPSME1000WPRU ME-1000W-WPRU 2 x 12v 9ah Internal 1 000VA (800W) 5-20mins R3 550.00
UPSME2000WPRU ME-2000W-WPRU 4 x 12v 9ah Internal 2 000VA (1 600W) 5-20mins R5 730.00
UPSME3000WPRU ME-3000W-WPRU 6 x 12v 9ah Internal 3 000VA (2 400W) 5-20mins R7 040.00
UPSME6000WPRU ME-6000W-WPRU 16 x 12v 7ah Internal 6 000VA (4 200W) 5-20mins R15 630.00
UPSME10000WPRU ME-10000W-WPRU 16 x 12v 7ah Internal 10 000VA (7 000W) 5-20mins R19 220.00


Mecer SNMP Card costs R1 420.00 Ex VAT.

Mecer Rack-Mount Hardware Kit Costs R520.00 Ex VAT.


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